Doula and Childbirth Education

I provide doula services and childbirth Education to expecting moms and families. Birth and the peri-natal period is one of the most important times in a woman's and her family's life. I can help alleviate anxiety and concerns by providing education and support as a doula and childbirth educator. Childbirth education and having a doula are 2 major ways for moms and families to prepare for having an empowering and satisfying birth experience.

Childbirth Education
I provide private and group childbirth education classes. My comprehensive childbirth education classes include information on:
  • The anatomy and physiology of pregnancy and labor 
  • Normal physiological birth 
  • Different types of care providers and places where you can choose to give birth
  • Interventions that may happen during birth and the risks and benefits of each
  • Writing a birth plan 
  • Common discomforts of pregnancy, and some changes to expect
  • Comfort measures for pregnancy and birth
  • Body image and self-esteem 
  • Review of research and culture surrounding pregnancy and birth. 
Private childbirth education classes are tailored for your specific needs.

Doula Care

A DOULA is a professionally trained, non-medical, assistant who supports a laboring Mom. She does this by providing information, resources and emotional support prenatally; physical support,pain relief, emotional support and encouragement throughout her entire labor; and even postpartum support and care after her baby is born. My job as your doula is to provide you with education and to support YOUR choices. I work for you, not the hospital, doctor, or midwife. Often times my job includes helping partners find ways of being connected, empowered, supportive and supported during the birth. ultimately I work for the mother, and my main goal is to support and empower her. 

My Basic Doula package includes:
  • 2 prenatal visits where we get talk about comfort measures during pregnancy and labor, review your birth plan/preferences and more 
  • 1 90-minute in-home prenatal or postpartum massage.
  • phone support and unlimited email support, 
  • physical attendance and support during your entire labor 
  • 1 postpartum visit to process your birth experience, review your birth timeline, help with breastfeeding and review self-care recommendations
My Basic Doula package is $925, and I also have more inclusive packages.

 My postpartum doula care includes coming to your home and helping with taking care of your newborn, showing swaddling technique, self-care recommendations, light housework including laundry and meal-prep. 

Postpartum doula hours are sold in bundles of 4 hours: $30/hr or $120/4 hrs.