Package of 4 Orthopedic Massage Sessions - $240

Are you interested in alleviating a specific health problem or injury with orthopedic massage therapy? For a limited time I am offering packages of 4 orthopedic massage sessions for $240. Each session will consist of approximately 60 minutes of massage, and 30 minutes of assessments, health history review, kinesiology taping, and self-care education. During the massage I will use a combination of techniques including deep tissue, assisted stretching, myofascial release, neuromuscular techniques, trigger point therapy, cupping therapy, and herbal and aromatherapy oils. At the first session, a long-term treatment plan will be created, and the schedule should be adhered to. The session frequency could be twice per week, once per week, or every other week depending on the specific problem. The goal is to make a significant improvement to the injury or health problem. 

Some appropriate health problems and injuries include muscle and ligament strains, tendon sprains, frozen shoulder, carpel tunnel, limited range of motion, chronic pain, insomnia, stiff muscles, pain (foot, neck, back, shoulder, etc.), shin splints, IT Band syndrome, scars, TMJ dysfunction, tendonitis, constipation, and more. Some things may require more than 4 sessions to make significant improvement, especially chronic issues that have taken years to form, so please email me with any questions before purchasing.

4 Orthopedic Massage Sessions

$ 240 USD